Nightjar is a literary magazine
that publishes speculative prose and poetry from young writers.


  • Contemplating the Unidentifiable
    Weather is nonexistent, and the sagging arms of a question that is more like a plea to another nonexistent entity distances me from my abyss. … Read more
  • Becoming
    The high school disco hall falls dim again.  Throngs of dancing teenagers—clad in leather, denim, sequins—groan. Some switch on their phones while the rest lean … Read more


  • Cottagecore
    By a crystal creek in the grassy wood,  A sun-warmed cabin nestles among lilac and daisy. Gingham flutters under sighing wisteria  And wicker cradles forget-me-not  … Read more
  • The God of Loss
    i wanted to know what the gods were made of. i placed my fist next to wide open eye, skin bending to bones just underneath, knuckles like mountains just under sky. i stuffed my mouth with dirt rage dressed in teeth & spit

Nightjar is open for submissions
of speculative prose and poetry.