Nightjar is a literary magazine
that publishes speculative prose and poetry from young writers.


  • Ghosts
    There’s no such thing as ghosts. The shadows I saw in the windows were just that, shadows – or so everyone promised. Figments of my […]
  • From Me to You to the Apocalypse
    Excuse my dramatics. The world is so big and I can only sing my love in extremes, in nuclear roses and cursive armageddon, in ink […]


  • Notes from Monday’s Appointment
    Are you listening?I know it’s easy to forget,but what I’m trying to tell youis your whole life could bea trauma symptom. Are you listening?The memories […]
  • Apparition
    They approached in hordes and masses,screaming in throaty, strangled jubilation.A cloud of dust in the outer rimof our vision, the edgeof our flat, bare world. […]

Nightjar is open for submissions
of speculative prose and poetry.